Easy and fast sanding with Poly-fast

Poly-Fast is a tool for all your sanding needs. It works by using vibrations.

Advantages: it avoids overheating and slips that can happen with rotating tools. The 65 vibrations per second present no danger. Hold it like a brush, behind the buffer, it works in all positions.

For wet sanding, attach the sandpaper to the top and wet it before starting to work.

The included sandpaper works well on many materials: polymer clay, resin, porcelain, stone, concrete, wood, copper, brass, etc.

Eye protection and dust masks are recommended. Do not use the Poly-Fast for conditions and uses for which is was not intended.

Important trick

For a longer lifespan of your Poly-fast’s velcro, use an old plastic card to take the sanding paper off. An old loyalty card for example 🙂






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