The new sanding tool that is great for smoothing your jewelry and crafts in polymer clay, cold porcelain, and other materials.

Poly-Fast allows for a faster, more precise, and more pleasant sanding experience. Because it works with vibrations, you will achieve an incredible finish in far less time.

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Ergonomic handle with shock absorber

Poly-Fast is easy to handle, like a brush. It is very comfortable to use because it has an internal buffer system in the multi-directional top that reduces vibrations at the handle's level.

Poly-Fast allows easy and precise sanding on the pieces that have any curves and angles, since you can reposition the tool quickly the way you need.

Poly-Fast lets the sandpaper follow the piece very easily without applying extra pressure.

Smooth vibrations

Poly-Fast works with a system of smooth vibrations (65 per second).

Important: It is the vibrations that do the sanding and not the pressure that you apply on the piece.
Too much pressure = less efficiency, unnecessary battery consumption and the risk of premature wear of the tool.

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Sandpaper with Velcro

The Poly-Fast kit contains 80 sandpaper discs for wet sanding with grits from 80 to 1500. Poly-Fast sandpaper discs are small, allowing you to use only what you need, without waste.

The top piece comes with the hook side of Velcro. Just attach the sandpaper disc and it will stay firmly connected.

Sanding with water

The Poly-Fast top is made from plastic, and the motor is located in the handle. Therefore, for wet sanding, you can immerse the top in water for several millimeters without a problem.

The top is removable for easy cleaning.

Poly-Fast works with two normal or rechargeable AA batteries! Its low energy consumption also avoids any electrocution risks and allows a long usage of the tool.

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